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Clinica Veterinaria Victoria is a Veterinary Clinic in Moraira located just off on the Moraira-Calpe Coast Road. The clinic is run by fully qualified Vet - Victoria Calcagno, who has been caring for pets since 1993. Clinica Veterinaria Victoria offers the most up to date technology or treatments whether you are looking for a diagnosis for your pet, pet medicine, vaccinations, worming treatments, Xray and surgery. Contact the clinic also for information about travelling with your pet to another country.


Calle Cabo Salines 8
Moraira 03724

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Clinica Veterinaria Victoria - Moraira Vet

Clinica Veterinaria Victoria is a Veterinary Clinic located just off on the Moraira-Calpe Coast Road.

The clinic is run by Victoria Calcagno, a fully qualified English, German, Italian, and Spanish Speaking Vet in Moraira who has been specialising in small pet care for over 18 years.



Services at Clinica Veterinaria Victoria:
* VETERINARY ATTENTION AND VACCINATION:  From 1993, Victoria has specialised in working with and caring for small animals.
* HOME VISITS: Contact the clinic if you need to make an appointment for a home visit
*CERTIFICATES - TRAVEL TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Pet travel scheme (EU), plus certificates of export for countries outside EU). Also program of prevention of diseases on trips to exotic countries.
* DIGITAL X-RAY: Simple X-Ray, or with contrast
* CLINICAL ANALYSIS: Victoria has in house blood Diagnostic testing equipment - to enable an early diagnosis & confirm an appropriate treatment for your pet. For more complex analysis (homones, PCR, genetic analysis, allergies tests) Victoria works with an external laboratory who are specialised in analysis and biochemistry of small animals.
* ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY: Our pets now live longer – thanks to better care, early detection of diseases and better nourishment. But it is recommended that after the 8th year of your dog’s life you do an annual control – to diagnose and deal with pathologies of the heart.
* SURGERY: Victoria & her team can offer specialised surgical procedures in traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, etc.
* DENTAL CLEANING: Like humans, dogs and cats can also have dental problems that can cause bad breath to them, inflammation of gingival, disease of the structures that support the tooth or cause infections.  The clinic has equipment for dental cleaning using ultrasound and medicines to take care of the teeth. 
Clinica Veterinaria Victoria

Specialist Pet Care
Victoria and her team can provide specialist advice regarding the following:

* Worming & Flea Treatments - Products and advice are available at the Clinic
* Pet Food - A range of high quality pet foods are available from Royal Canin
* Travelling with your Pet - Pet Passports & Vaccinations
* Leishmaniasis - Advice, preventative care & specialist treatments are offered

The Team at Clinica Veterinaria Victoria

Victoria Carolina Calcagno - Director

Degree in Veterinary medicine by the University of Córdoba. Col. MP 817-Alicante. Spain

"After graduating in veterinary medicine in 1993, followed 4 years of experience in the Veterinary Hospital "Chocos", Córdoba working in emergency medical-surgical and hospitalization.

Victoria then worked in Veterinary Hospital "Gregorio VII", Rome (Italy) and in Veterinary Clinic "Las Salinas"; Calpe; doing pet consultations and surgical emergencies as well as hospital care of critical patients.

Since year 2000 until today, Victoria has worked as Director of Veterinary Victoria - specializing in the area of Dermatology".

Clinica Veterinaria Victoria

Katharina Dübner (Geb. Theuring) - Veterinary Assistant

"In 2003, I began my training as a Veterinary assistant employee and was successfully completed in 2006 with my veterinary assistants diploma in Mühlhausen ( Germany ) . My practices were in "Kleintierpraxis Wenderoth". There, I had a lot of experience and strengthened my career aspirations; and learned to love working with animals. In 2007 I moved my residence to Spain and I'm working in "Veterinary Victoria" since that time. "

Clinica Veterinaria Victoria

Debby Melissa Willemsen - Veterinary Assistant

"Already as a little girl I always knew, that I would like to work with animals. Thanks to my employment at the veterinary practice Victoria, this wish has been fulfilled. I found my place to help animals !! I love this job!"

Clinica Veterinaria Victoria

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