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Fiestas in Javea: "Fogueres de Sant Joan" (June 2019)

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Fogueres de Sant Joan is the fiesta of the bonfires, to be held in June in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain.


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Event date & time

June 2019



Event date & time

June 2019

Event type
  • Local fiestas
Fiestas in Javea: "Fogueres de Sant Joan" (June 2019)

"Fogueres de Sant Joan" 2019 | Fiestas in Javea, Spain 2019 | Javea Online 24

"Fogueres de Sant Joan" 2019

Fiesta Programme for the "Fogueres de Sant Joan" Fiesta (Festival of San Juan), being held in Javea in June 2019.

This popular Javea Fiesta enjoys maximum participation from the town’s inhabitants who belong to neighbourhood associations called “peñas” and all fill the streets to participate in the traditional "Bous al Carrer" (Bull Running), parades with carriages, flower offerings, firework displays, etc.

The "Hogueras” make playful reference to current events in the town which pay homage to the ancestral tradition which involved burning old junk on the 23rd of June with the magical goal of purifying the body and soul prior to the Summer Solstice.

“Els focs de Sant Joan” (St. John’s Fires) which decorate the town’s roundabouts are small bonfires over which the citizens jump one by one, decorated with garlands and flower decorations which are burned once the last fires have been jumped. Finally on the 24th of June, the monuments are burned in celebration of St. John's holiday to conclude the festivities.

The 2019 Fiesta Programme is not yet available. For guidance, please refer to the 2018 Programme provided below.

2018 Programme

10:30 h   XX CHESS tournament at C/ En Forn.
22:30 h   PARADE of “QUINTOS 2017”f rom Pl. de l’Església to Pl. de la Constitució
23:00 h   PROCLAMATION of the Court of Honour and Queen.
              Afterwartds live music by QUINTA NOTA

20:00 h   PARADE of the children’s Court from Pl. de l’Església to Pl. de la Constitució.
20:30 h   PROCLAMATION of the children’s Court of Honour and children’s Queen
              at Pl. de la Constitució.
19:30 h   PARADE of the Court of Honour and Queen from Pl. de la Marina Alta to Pl. de l’Església

14th June 2018 -  “Pregón” day (inauguration speech of the fiestas)
21:00 h   Pregón celebration, in Pl. de l’Església presented by the Queens and the local authorities
22:00 h   SOBAQUILLO DINNER (popular dinner where everybody brings their own food)
              at Pl. Constitució.
00:00 h   The peñas accompanied by music parade around the town, singing in honour of Sant Joan.
               Afterwards DISCO MÓVIL "FOGUERES MUSICÓN BUP" - Plaza de la Constitución.
               Music and dancing until 3:30 h with the DJ's DANI WALLACE, Aibax & Bup

15th June 2018

17:00 h   III BAKANAL PONG in the Peña La Bakanal
18:00 h   “Carretones” Carts armed with horns for kids in Av de Palmela
19:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela
21:30 h   Traditional music with the Grup de Danses Portitxol of Xàbia followed by the Competition "Final Dijous de Comèdia" in the Riurau d’Arnauda
22:30 h   Live Music with the DIAMONDS Orchestra in Sector Fraginal

16th June 2018 -  QUINTADES’S DAY
08:00 h   Noisy wake up call
10:00 h   Special brunch in Av. De Palmela
12:00 h   Parade of “Quintaes” (group of people of the same age)
              from Placeta del Convent to Av. de Palmela,
              afterwards popular games and contests
18:00 h   Meeting of all the quintaes at Pl. Constitució.
23:45h    Live music with Orquesta EL PATO followed by Festival TUMBALEA REVOLUTION until 5.00am at Plaza de la Constitución

17th June 2018 - CHILDREN'S DAY
10:00 h  - 14:00 h   Children’s playground.
              Sandwiches and Beverages for all children with inflatable castles, water games, etc,
              at Sector Freginal
18:00 h   “Carretones” Carts armed with horns for kids in Av de Palmela
19:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela

21:00h   CHILDREN'S SHOW with MAGO YUNQUE at Plaza de la Constitución
00:00 h   Music Show "A todo tren" followed by Mobile Disco until 4am

18th June 2018 - Dia de la Planta

18:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela

19:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela

20:00h - Installation of FOGUERA CENTRAL in Plaza de la Constitución and FOGUERA INFANTIL in Placeta del Convent

22:00h PAELLA COMPETITION followed by disco Fiesta Cachondeo until 3.30am - bull arena  in Avda. Palmela

23:30h CONCERT "Una Nit de Cine" with the orchestra of the Centro Artístic Músical de Xàbia in Plaza de la Constitución

19th June 2018
18:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela
19:00 h   Bull-running in Av. de Palmela
21:00 h    Community Dinner in Sector Fraginal, followed by live music
00:00 h   GRAN PRIX followed by discomóvil FIESTA PACHANGO until 3.30am at the bull arena in Av. Palmela

20th June 2018
18:00 h   “BIRRATLON”, Pl. de la Constitución
00:00 h   Concert by the Orchestra “MATRIX” at the Plaza de la Constitucion

21st June 2018
12:00 h   PARADE with Dances group of Portitxol Xàbia, in the Old Town
18:00 h   PARADE to visit the different areas of the town (Old Town, Port and Arenal)
21:30 h   “Dansá popular” Traditional dances by Dances group of Portitxol Xàbia. In C/Nou.
22:30 h   NIGHT OF ROCK! with TXARANGO, DOCTOR KRAPULA, ARSENIC and DIASPORA at the Plaza de la Constitución.

22nd June 2018
12:30 h   Parade to visit the decorated streets in the Old Town.
14:00 h   Giant paella for all the people in Parque Montaner.
20:00 h   FLOWER OFFERING to Sant Joan, Pl. de la Iglesia.
00:00 h   Concert by the Orchestra « MONTECARLO» until 4am.

23rd June 2018 « NIT DELS FOCS »
08:30 h   Noisy wake up call "DESPERTA"
11:30 h   Traditional offering of grapes and figs to the image of Sant Joan.
              During the procession, the selection of "indult del ninot" will take place,
              the burning of the Foguera del Centro del Día in the Placeta del Convent
17:45 h   Xarangues Meeting and Parade, in the Old Town
18:00h  Parade of the CHARANGAS through the streets of the Historic Centre
19:00 h   Xarangues’ contest, la Constitución
23:30 h  Traditional Sant Joan FOCS burning.
NIT DELS FOS DE SANT JOAN  followed by Awesome CORREFOCS, from Raval de Baix to Pl. de la Constitució.
Afterwards music with “Macro-Discomóvil TRAKETEO WORLD TOUR with DJs Juanjo Garcia and Paul Smith until 5.00am.

24th June 2018 -  SAN JUAN’S DAY
08:30 h   Wake up call by the Dances group of Portitxol Xàbia
10:00 h   Parade to collect the courts of honour, ladies in waiting,
               queens and presidents of the Quintà
10:00 h   Special Mass in Pl. Xàtiva
12:00 h   Special Mass in honour to San Juan, at San Bartolomé Parochial church
13:30 h   “MASCLETÀ” (loud firework display) in Pl. de la Constitución
18:30 h   Concentration of the “Quintà 2018” and music groups, Pl. de La Constitución
19:00 h   Parade with music From Pl. de la Constitución
19:30 h   FLOAT PARADE.
              Afterwards a PARADE to the placeta del Convent
22:00 h   CREMÀ de la Foguera for children at Placeta del Convent
23:00 h   Mobile Disco with DJ
00:00 h   FIREWORKS display set to music at Pl. Constitució and BURNING OF THE BIG FOGUERA
              Afterwards music with “WONDER” and then, mobile disco with DJ’S.

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