Yoga Classes in Calpe & Moraira: Nicole Stone's Classes & Private Sessions

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Nicole Stone is a professionally qualified Yoga Teacher offering yoga classes, private sessions and yoga retreats between Calpe and Moraira on the Costa Blanca.


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Event date & time

Every Wednesday

09:45 - 11:00


Buena Vista Tennis Club

Event date & time

Every Wednesday

09:45 - 11:00

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  • Tours & excursions
Yoga Classes in Calpe & Moraira: Nicole Stone's Classes & Private Sessions

Weekly Yoga Classes| Private Sessions | Yoga Retreats

Nicole Stone's Yoga Classes (Calpe-Moraira, Spain)

Nicole Stone is a professionally qualified Yoga Teacher offering yoga classes, private sessions and yoga retreats between Calpe and Moraira on the Costa Blanca.

Class Schedule:
Wednesdays (09:45 - 11:00)
Buena Vista Club de Tenis y Padel, Calle de Dragonera, Benissa
(Located just off the Calpe-Moraira Coast Road, Benissa Costa)

Private Sessions:
Private sessions are also available in the Calpe/Moraira/Benissa area for those not able to attend classes.  Please contact Nicole for more details.

Yoga Retreats:
For information about Yoga Breaks & Retreats in the North Costa Blanca, please visit Yoga Retreats on CostaBlancaOnline24.

What to Expect

Classes are suitable for keen yoga beginners, those who've not been to yoga in a while and the super flexible yogi. Nicole teaches predominantly hatha yoga - where postures are held a little longer to allow the body & joints to open more deeply - together with vinyasa flow sequences that will warm your muscles, boost cardio functioning, improve strength and increase mobility & flexibility.

Classes begin with stretches that gently awaken the spine, lengthen muscles and improve joint mobility whilst focusing on deep breathing that relaxes and calms your mind and the nervous system.  Once warmed up, the class then moves through a variety of postures (asanas) that takes the body and joints through their full range of movement: forward bends, side stretches, chest & heart openers, back bends and twists. This ensures your entire body is opened, stretched and awakened before the final, blissful, relaxation.

Yoga is the perfect compliment to any sport (cycling, running, tennis, weight lifting, golf, etc.) and for anyone wanting to improve their posture & mobility, lengthen tight muscles, those with muscular back pain, stress & anxiety issues, wanting to improve/deepen your breathing, build muscle tone and bone strength.

Nicole Stone's Yoga Classes & Private Sessions (Calpe-Moraira)

Nicole Stone's Yoga Classes & Private Sessions (Calpe-Moraira)

Why Yoga?

On a purely physical level, yoga positively affects the health of all our organs, glands and muscles as well as tone and sculpt the outer body - which it does exceedingly well!    A good yoga class will incorporate postures that move and lubricate each and every part of the body, stimulating the circulation of blood deeply within rather than just around the body's outer edge.  

Yoga postures work on improving the health of our inner body by opening, stretching, twisting and squeezing every organ and every gland; including the liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, intestines, stomach, heart etc.  Twists make a frequent appearance in a yoga class, so, just imagine for a moment, what happens inside you when you perform a spinal twist.    You literally 'wring out' your internal organs helping them to release the accumulated waste inside the organs, thus speed up cellular cleansing  AND you'll be stretching a multitude of muscles and ligaments around the spine thus keeping the spine supple and flexible.  The benefits don't stop there.  When you release out of the twist, a fresh supply of blood floods back into those same organs bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to boost cellular and organ health.

Regular Yoga Practice Will Also:
- soften muscle and ligament tissue increasing their flexibility & reducing the risk of injury 
- bring both bones and muscles gently back into their optimum alignment
- lubricate the joints
- improve both the oxygenation of blood and its circulation bringing an inner glow to your skin, making your eyes shine and your hair gleam
- help your body detoxify by encouraging  organs and cells to release their accumulated waste
- improve the elasticity of the lungs through deep yogic breathing techniques
- produce a deep sense of relaxation and peace of mind as a result you feel calm and in control
- create a gorgeous, lean, muscled 'yoga body' 

Practice yoga and you'll feel more at home in your body and more harmonious in your life.  You'll sleep better and concentrate more easily, and stress will simply slide over you.

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