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Minina & Kanina is a Vet in Javea in Javea Port, Spain run by Nina Sukup. The Veterinary clinic offers services from general veterinary medicine to blood analysis, surgery, x-rays, nutritional assistance and behavioural correction. There is also a specialist eye clinic at the centre for cats and dogs.


Pza. Almirante Bastarreche 14, Bajo A
Puerto de Javea

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Minina & Kanina | Vets in Javea, Costa Blanca | Javea Online 24

Minina & Kanina is a Veterinary clinic located in Javea Port.  The clinic is run by Nina Sukup - a fully qualified Vet in Javea with over 5 year's experience in both Germany & Spain.

Manina & Kanina offers a wide range of Veterinary services from General Veterinary Medicine to blood analysis, surgery, x-rays, animal nutrition and behavioural correction. They also offer a specialist Eye Clinic at the centre for dogs & cats. 

Minina & Kanina offer a 24 hour Emergency Vet Service in Javea by calling 609 563 088.

"Your Pet is in Good Hands"


The Clinic

Minina & Kanina opened in Javea in March 2011, and has become well established in Javea as an excellent centre for the care of animals.

The clinic is run by Nina Sukup, a fully qualified Vet with 5 years experience, who has a philosophy of "soft handling" of their clients. Nina & her team aim to minimise the fear & stress for your pet, and try to make your visit a more relaxing experience.

The team at Manina & Kanina always give time to each client to explain fully the diagnosis & treatments for your pet.  

The Clinic offers the following services:

* Laboratory - blood & urine checks & analysis
* Surgery - closely monitored anaesthesia
* X rays 
* Animal nutrition - Vitamin / mineral deficiencies, calculation of food portions, food allergies 
* Ophthalmology service - eye diseases & emergencies
* Dog Education - Behavioural problems
* Home Visits

Manina & Kanina also works with other specialists including traumatologists, radiologists, neurologists, & exotic animal specialists.

The Services
Minina & Kanina has its own clinic where they are able to analyse bloods & urine.  For tests that cannot be performed at the clinic, they work with a special veterinary lab in Valencia, which collect from the clinic on a daily basis.

The anesthesias used at the Clinic are inhalatory anesthesias (isofluran narcotic gas) and animals are monitored throughout surgery.  Before deep anesthesia is performed, the animal is sedated in the presence of the owner to ensure full relaxation.

The clinic utilises a transportable x-ray machine.

* With special ophthalmologic machines Manina & Kanina can detect eye deseases including:
* Glacoma (high intraocular pressure)
* Uveitis (inner eye inflamation)
* Ectopic eye lashes / disstiquiasis (eye lashes which grow in a non adecuate place and irritate the cornea)
* Triquiasis (hair that grows in a normal position but in the direction of the cornea causing irritation)
* Cornea ulcus

With specialist equipment, the Clinic is able to dilating the pupil, see retinal blood vessels, the optic nerve the various parts of the eye, to enable them to make a diagnosis and start treatment.

They can treat ophthalmological emergencies such as deep corneal scratches which need a corneal suture, iris prolapses and others, as they own a surgical microscope which is often needed in those cases.


Manina & Kanina works with a special computer program to calculate correct food portions and to identify if your pet has deficiencies or too many vitamins, minerals etc…all of which can be treated once calculated.

Food allergies are increasing in dogs and cats.  The symptoms can be dry hair, dandruff, injuries due to licking (itchy), diarrhea, vomiting etc…After checked for various deseases and once diagnosed food allergy can be treated in several ways, including special medical hypoallergenic diets.

At Minina & Kanina they are interested in the education and behaviour of dogs & cats. This includes resolving behavioural problems.

In difficult cases they work hand in hand with a specialist in animal behaviour, Celeste Roig García, qualified by the UAB.  She does home visits in the whole region and succesfully resolves problems in animal behaviour in dogs and cats. She is also a dog trainer.

If clients cannot visit the clinic, Minina & Kanina will make home visits under arrangement.
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